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Lease Booking

Under this scheme Parcel Space including SLR and Parcel Van is leased out to the registered lease holders through tenders. Lease holder can function as aggregator on behalf of customers. This scheme is covered by the comprehensive parcel policy 2014. Prospective lease holders are required to get themselves registered here or with the concerned division/zonal railway head quarter in order to participate in leasing tenders. For leasing of parcel space of the compartment of brake vans (SLR) there will be four types of lease, depending upon the duration of the lease contract.. These are classified as below,

Type of Lease Period of Lease Mode of Lease
Long term lease 3 years Open Tender
Short term lease 1 years Open Tender
Temporary Lease 30 days at a time Quotation Basis
Day to Day Lease Maximum 10 days at a time Quotation Basis
Parcel Vans (VPHs/VPUs/VPs/VPRs etc) shall be leased out on round trip basis, only on long term contract through open tenders.

Lease holders can generate their manifest before loading here

List of existing lease holders at divison

Parcel Cargo Express Train (PCET)

Under the ‘Parcel Cargo Express Trains (PCET)’ scheme, the entire parcel capacity of PCET comprising of Parcel Vans (with CC of 23 tonnes each) is leased out between specific originating-destination stations (on round trip basis), to private operator by inviting bids through open tenders.

PCET Contracts remain valid for a period of 06 years. For an initial period of six months, the minimum composition for PCET shall be 15 Parcel Vans + 1 Brakevan (CC-4 tonnes), thereafter the minimum composition shall be revised to 20 Parcel Vans + 1 Brakevan.

List of Leased PCETs