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VP Booking

Customers can book Parcel Van by making a request in the Parcel Office. Following are the steps to book a single Parcel Van/Luggage Compartment

Registration: Parcel Office of the station from which he or she wants to book a space in Parcel Space by paying a fee along with the demand details including date of requirement of demand against which a money receipt will be issued.
Allotment: Allotment of Parcel Van is done as per availability, accordingly date of allotment is given with placement date and time to the customer for Loading.
Booking: After the Release of Parcel Van after loading by the customer, he/she goes to booking counter with demand and loading details. Customer fills Forwarding Note, against which Railway Receipt is issued for booking with charges is collected from the customer as per the Railway Rules.
Attachment: After this the Parcel Van will be attached with the Train booked.
Unloading and delivery: At the destination Parcel Van will be provided to the customer for Unloading its material. When the materials are unloading it can be removed from railway premises after the issue of Gate Pass.