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Transportation of Two wheelers by Train

There are two options to transport a two wheeler by train. The two wheeler can be booked as luggage if you are travelling by the same train. If you are not travelling by same train, the two wheeler can be booked as parcel.

Steps to book two wheeler as Parcel

Two wheeler needs to be booked as parcel if you are not traveling by train along with the vehicle.

Bring Xerox copy to the Parcel office with of two wheeler’s registration certificate and a Government ID proof.

Two wheeler needs to be packed properly before booking.

Make sure that petrol tank in your two wheeler is empty before packing.

Please mention name of originating and destination stations on a piece of cardboard. The writing should be clear and visible. The card board should be tied to the two wheeler.

Fill the forwarding note along with the originating station and destination station, postal address, make of vehicle, registration number, weight of vehicle, value of vehicle etc.

Steps to book two wheeler as Luggage

The two wheeler can be booked as luggage if you are travelling by the same train to the destination.

You need to be present minimum half an hour in advance to your train's actual departure time.

The procedures for packing, labeling and marking remain same as followed while booking two wheeler as parcel.

The journey ticket needs to be produced at the time of booking your two wheeler as luggage.

You will be given a luggage ticket on payment of prescribed charges. An endorsement will be made on your journey ticket.

The two wheeler will be dispatched by the same train subject to availability of accommodation.

Show the original ticket and the luggage endorsement for taking delivery.

The luggage ticket needs to be surrendered while taking delivery.

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